to loan to a Bank card

You can urgently get money in debt, without leaving home. Microfinance institutions have developed a scheme of lending in which the client does not need to go anywhere. The loan is made completely online: after sending the order and until receipt by borrower of approved funds. The money is transferred to the client remotely, for example, a transfer to his Bank card. Loan on card with only a passport, other documents are required.


advantages of the loan on the card online

The main advantage of such loans is time savings to the client. The application will not take more than 10 minutes.

Another advantage — the ability to analyze the market of credit services from the comfort of your home or office and choose the Bank option of credit, which will satisfy the customer in all respects: size, loan term, interest rate, method of receiving money (Bank card, cash, electronic money).

In addition, applications are considered quickly enough. Depending on the credit policy of the organization, the time for decision-making can range from 15-30 minutes up to 24 hours.

If the Bank has approved online application the client for a loan with the money transfer, for registration of the contract does not require any certificates, and also should not bail.

Where to get a loan on a Bank card

We have selected a list of the most popular organizations that give out loan on the card of any Bank via the Internet. First you need to select MFIs. Options for obtaining loans from the comfort of home a lot, so problems with the choice of product will be. If you have found a suitable option, you can immediately send a request for his extradition. Initially, the client specifies what amount he is interested in, at what time he wants to take it. After this, the microfinance organization will offer to fill out a form or register on its website.

After specifying all the required information about yourself immediately begins the review process. He is quick, regardless of the time of day. The application can be reviewed in just a few minutes. If the credit company announces the approval, also remotely, the client immediately receives the money transfer to your account details. In the end, to take a loan online on the card without leaving home is possible in just one hour. The analysis of questionnaires is a special akrimova a program that works round the clock without breaks and weekends.

Who may receive a loan card?

Microfinance organizations are notorious for never specify complex requirements to the borrowers. They offer simplified products that are available most part of the Russian population. The loan is available to all adult citizens. Each MFI sets its own age criteria for borrowers: one company provides loans to citizens from 18 years old, another 21 years. The maximum age of the client may also be restricted, but there are companies that does not indicate maximum limits of age of the borrowers.

can Anyone get a quick loan on the card online on the passport:

  • the adult citizens of Russia who have a place of residence;
  • citizens who have a source of income.

More no requirements. MFIs provide an opportunity to obtain the credit without references, so be sure to have an official place of work. If a loan wants to take a citizen of retirement age, it as income, you can only specify a pension. Can obtain a loan even with a negative history of credit, therefore, many people believe that MFIs give trouble free loans.

How to get online loan on the card without leaving your home?

Great option to get credit online — to get it by crediting the Bank card. This is a common variant of crediting, it is offered by many MFIs. To get a loan, you must have a passport and your Bank card. After the approval of the microfinance loan organization will immediately transfer the money to the customers details.

To to issue the credit online should:

  1. go to the website of the selected credit institution and, if necessary, to register.
  2. To fill out the application form on the loan, specify the method of receiving the money.
  3. To confirm the contract offer via their mobile phone and wait for the Bank's decision.

In case of approval of loan money will be transferred to your Bank card, and you will just have to shoot them in the nearest ATM.

Important! When filling out the application you must provide a valid and reliable data because the accuracy of the information affects the decisions of the security service.

Which map you use:

  • the loan online on the card operated systems Visa and MasterCard;
  • money is issued only on cards issued in the name of someone and applied for loan;
  • the validity of the card, located on its front side, has not expired.

This is a standard requirement of MFIs to Bank cards. Cards Maestro microfinance institutions mostly do not work, but if necessary, you can find such an option. Otherwise, the card can serve any Russian Bank. Some MFIs in the process of registration of the microcredit are conducting a test lock a small amount on the Bank card account. This is normal, the amount of blocking does not exceed 10 rubles.

Other options to get an online loan without a card

To get started please read all loans through the Internet, without leaving home, and only then choose the loan offer. If you don't have a credit card, can use alternative option is getting approved over the Internet loan. The loan can be transferred to other details, such as:

  1. To the Bank account of the borrower. This option is suitable if you need the money not so fast. The thing is, that checking account loan amount received within three days, so it's not instant financing. To obtain a loan, this method will need to provide full details of your current account.
  2. The electronic wallet of the borrower. The money is issued fast as your Bank card. Online loan can be credited to the purse, opened in the system QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex. When selecting MFIs need to look at the requirement for a purse, some companies make transfers only to the identified information.

A quick loan of money for the passport online from the comfort of your home, you can get through the money transfer system. However, to leave the house will still have to visit the issuing operator and collect the money there. After the approval of the MFI makes on behalf of the customer transfer the money via one of the systems. The operator chooses the client, for example, it could be a Contact or Zolotaya Korona.

The funds are delivered quickly, the loan can pick up in five minutes. The points of delivery of the translations appear on the website operators. It can be any Bank or other financial institution. Partners very much, far beyond the money will not have to go.

As to repay the urgent loan on the card?

Now we have to figure out how to repay the loan? To make this as easy as and get it! To do this, just don't forget to bring the required amount to the Bank via the Internet, which can be done easily. To do this you need to transfer the amount from your credit card on the account of the Bank from whom you took the money. Also you may want to repay a quick loan on the card at any ATM in your city.

, Each micro-Finance company offering their options for loan repayment, therefore the borrower can choose the most convenient method:

  • via QIWI purse,
  • credit card or payment on receipt,
  • via the payment terminals (e.g. JCB),
  • in the salons of cellular communication,
  • electronic money (Webmoney, Yandex.Money).
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Ilya Adamov
Leading credit specialist , JSC Alfa-Bank
Experience more than 7 years on the market of credit products for small and medium businesses, consumer credit in Yekaterinburg. Education: bachelor of the Higher school of Economics in Moscow.