Where to get a loan through system of Contact

The contact is one of the largest organizations on money transfers in the Russian Federation, which carries out transfers in three currencies in more than 170 countries around the world. Micro-Finance companies use a payment system for the quick issuance of money to borrowers.

To receive a loan through money transfer via Contact on the website MFI. When you select should pay attention to the amount, term, interest rate and requirements of the clients.

advantages and Disadvantages of credit through Contact

A network of points of delivery of listings is considered the most extensive in the country, so almost all MFIs work with the PS.

To the obvious benefits of this service include the following:
  • cash immediately after registration, do not apply to the terminals and intermediary companies.
  • Means give at any service point, and there are on average 400 thousand.
  • At the box office, it is sufficient to say a number, and show original passport.
  • The service has high security when transferring money, as well as the safety of customers ' personal information.
  • , the System prompts you for the minimum personal data of the recipient.
  • No need to open a Bank account.
  • Money credited within 10 minutes.
  • When receiving money up to 15 thousand is enough to specify the passport.

Found a place and disadvantages. Users complain about the lack of clock services for customer service. If the services have to wait up to 2 days, so it's not an immediate transfer.

To rubles can only the person who made the shipment. In any other case a friend or loved one will need to provide a notarized power of attorney.


Procedure of approval of the request

There are a number of options for getting the money. The design principle is simple:

  1. The process of filling out the questionnaire

The official website of need to determine the amount of %and time. After you specify the variant design – Contact.

  1. The implementation of the transfer and collection of funds

The next stage will take place in the event of approval by the company. The client will report the amount and number of transactions, sometimes even tell you where the closest you can get rubles.

To keep track of funds on the site of the SS by using the search service. The money transferred to the virtual site of the person. No need to register, it is sufficient to show a passport.


Who works with SS

the Loans through the Contact ready to agree to the following MFIs:


  • The limit to 70 Tr
  • For a period of from 5 days to 18 weeks.
  • The answer instantly.
  • From 0.76 to 1.85% per day.

The percentage of approval is 99.99% when you request the sum from 30 thousand to repay every 2 weeks. Send the credit request here.

Credit Plus

  • the first call is 15 000, and then increase the loan 2 times;
  • 5 to 45d.
  • cashback 10% when the loan is not repaid on time;
  • From 0,78% to 2.15% depending on the type of borrower and the selected program;

Lend with age until 75 years.


Works best offer for new borrowers. Give out money to 15,000 without interest. Already re-treatment increases the limit 2 times and the % will be from of 1.64 to 2.17 a day.

Repayment period – 30 days, there is a possibility to extend the term of the contract. Answer the call within 10 minutes.

Lime loan

  • From 1.5 t to 100 000.
  • On 25-90дн.
  • From 0.8% to 1.9% per day.

the Answer for a minute.


The Moscow company is ready to provide the loan on the following conditions:

  • the Limit from 3 thousand to 100 000.
  • From 3 days to 48 weeks.
  • The percentage of 0.6%.

The positive solution is ready to give in 54% of cases.


For the new applicants of the conditions a little tougher – up to 15 000 under 1% per day. For old customers there are about

  • To 30000r. for 30 days.
  • From 0,5%.

Is ready to give the age of man, almost 99% positive responses.

SMS Finans

The company lends from 1 thousand to 30 thousand rubles for 30 days. All these options are possible in the future to extend/to increase with timely repayment. Acts of 1.6%. Almost 90% of people aged 18 to 70 years received a positive decision on the application.

In case of any questions Contact in the issuance of a loan, you to contact the managers of MFIs, or use the corresponding menu item for users of PS. Typically, the fee for getting there, so the applicant financial institution receives the limit entirely.