How to obtain an urgent loan on Kivi a purse

Our experts analysed the important issues of interest to those who want to get online loan on Kiwi purse. And given detailed answers.

Qiwi – is a convenient e-wallet that is used to pay for goods and services remotely. In addition, since the wallet you can withdraw cash from the account directly in the terminal. This is a full alternative to Bank card. That is why the product attracted the attention of MFIs and the list of their services is a loan directly on Kiwi purse.


Where to get a loan for kiwi purse

You can contact the reliable and established organization:

  1. Timer approve the application for 97% of the applicants for consideration takes 5 minutes.
  2. E-KAPUSTA – all day, instant transfer of money on account;
  3. Lime the loan is an adult citizen with a purse of Kivi may apply;
  4. Turbosim – loan amount from 1,000 and is limited to 15 thousand rubles;
  5. KONGA – consider the application for half an hour, the available loan limit increases each quenched;
  6. EZAEM – new customers do not pay interest on loans up to 10 thousand rubles;

This is not a complete list of organizations ready to give to the needy credit, all of the organization issuing microloans we have collected on a separate page.

Suggest you when choosing a lender to pay attention to its reputation and to check if MFIs in the state register. This will allow you to protect yourself from fraud.


to give the loan on Kivi a purse?

to minimize the loss of funds to the MFI test client. The only difference in this respect from banks – checking is not as thorough. This check is called scoring (automatic program conducts an instant analysis of the specified parameters of the application and makes a decision).

The minimum requirements that must be met by the borrower:

  • To be capable citizen of the Russian Federation (with the passport and residence permit in its territory), aged 18 years;
  • A maximum age of 65-70 years;
  • a valid mobile phone number;
  • You must specify the source of income. Show documented it does not need, and seniority.

Each company has their own criteria and principles of verification, so if you don't approve of the application in one — feel free to contact others.


How is the issue of money QIWI purse?

At the stage of filling the application is required to specify the desired method of receipt of funds — «translation of the purse Kiwi». The client sees the rates and the loan amount to the MFI website in the personal account. In most companies, the first loan is limited to 5-10 thousand rubles, while the limit for each subsequent loan amount increases, after the repayment of previous.

If the client's request is approved, it is associated with the Manager or send him an SMS with the code sent to your phone number. Received the code the customer enters into a special field on the website of microfinance organization, after which the contract is concluded and the amount is sent to your account in the payment system QIWI.

Example: in lime-loan first time you can take just 5 thousand, the second loan is already 9 thousand rubles, the third under the title «Gold» – 12 thousand rubles, and so on incrementally. Really beneficial?

The interest rate the system calculates automatically. At each site of the organization issuing the loan, there is an online calculator with which you can calculate the amount of the possible overpayment. The average interest rate the MFI is equal to 1-2% per day. However, for customers, taking loan for the first time, there is no interest (bonus beginner). Also Manymen and Timer is loyalty program (with each new loan interest rate is reduced).

Always meet the rates of the lender before signing the contract!


Will I be checked?

the Answer is simple — YES. Even though the rate of approval of applications every borrower undergoes a thorough check. Inquiry about the borrower is transferred in Bureau of credit histories, the Federal tax service or the court bailiffs. Some companies analyze the behavior of the borrower on the website: did he page with the loan terms and read the offer.

Each company maintains a black list of customers, information about the borrower is also checked and it is.

Checks the validity of all entry of data on employment and wages. The client has a chance to get a loan even if you have open delinquency. Importantly, the company where you have applied it was not to outstanding loans.


And if I have a bad credit history?

MFIs position themselves as loyal to lenders that are not critical for the credit rating of the borrower. Although the process of scoring verification request to the CRA is still being done, the received data is not the only aspect to which I draw attention.

The client who wants to loan on kiwi purse urgently, it is important to specify as much information as possible about yourself and write only valid data. If he has no arrears in open company where it is drawn, with a probability of 90% the money will be issued. MFIs cooperate with the credit Bureau and send them information about borrowers.

Unimportant KI can be corrected in each period repaid microcredit.

This is used of a person accepting payment in the past. This method of "cleaning" his rating is 100% working and legal: more than repaid loans – the better your credit history.


Can you refuse the loan, and how to avoid such a scenario?

Suppose you have any open arrears and you are blacklisted MFIs as defaulter.

Common causes of failure:

  1. providing false information about yourself or complete the questionnaire correctly.
  2. The client does not meet the common requirements, which can be seen when scoring the test.


Among MFIs formed their own lists of malicious defaulters, which in the process of checking the applications the company uses, if there is no time to send a request to the CRA. However, even a small open delay spoils the reputation and in getting a new microcredit will deny you.

so, you want guaranteed to get a loan for QIWI — when filling out the questionnaire, be careful not to procrasinate reality and examine the requirements of the lender, to match them completely and not cause issues. All requirements of the MFI can view, compare and choose the best for you on a special page on our website.


Alternative MFI — to borrow on Kiwi from a private person

If to prove his reliability as a borrower, the MFI does not work, is to go to a private lender. This method is the most expensive available, but rescue got into a financial hole borrowers who have no time to fix the rating. Please note that to get the loan on Kivi a purse without a passport is possible only in rare cases. Search of the lender can be at specialized sites where the ads are placed. For example, we have on-site ad on receiving or granting a loan to a private person.

It is important to carefully approach the choice of the person giving the loan to kiwi. Unscrupulous private lender can change the terms of the issuance of money at any time. For example, to demand back the amount before the stipulated period, and when you consider that such transactions are not regulated by the state dangers for the borrower even more. Suggest you be wary of the private lender that asks for documents and does not offer to make a contract at the notary, but it requires just to make a prepayment.

You can rid yourself of unverified persons, if you place an order with us. All proposals from individuals, we carefully review and test. And can proudly declare — we have a crook will not work!


What happens if you don't pay the contract?

First, it is text messages and phone calls asking to pay. They start to arrive a couple of days before the expected date of payment. From the day of delay calls become more aggressive, insistent and often.

Carefully read the contract, especially the section on responsibility of the borrower!

Each contract should outline the amount of interest and penalties accrued for each day as long as the debtor does not pay off. At this stage, some MFIs still receive calls with the request to quickly close the debt, and others just passing it on to collectors. Methods of work the latter is not very pleasant. Though and recovery should be carried out strictly in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the law on sewers we have not adopted, so their actions can be extremely aggressive.

And finally, the last resort – the appeal to the court and debt recovery through the court bailiffs.

To a conclusion

The micro-credit for kiwi purse can be a saving for the client, caught in a difficult situation and not able to contact the Bank. Thus, the answer to the question is it possible to get a loan for kiwi purse is absolutely Yes. But even remotely decorated, this loan is also the obligation that must be timely performed. Otherwise, it could lead not only to damaged credit history, but a court showdown with the MFIs.

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Ilya Adamov
Leading credit specialist , JSC Alfa-Bank
Experience more than 7 years on the market of credit products for small and medium businesses, consumer credit in Yekaterinburg. Education: bachelor of the Higher school of Economics in Moscow.