How to take a loan for 6 months at the map. Loan processing as an alternative to MFIs

non-Bank loans have a number of advantages – registration is required for only one document, the decision shall be made within a few minutes. However, to implement a refund is required in a shorter time, they are usually not more than six months. How to arrange a loan for 6 months fast online, how to transfer money to a Bank card, who can apply, detail in the material.

How to get a payday loan online

To means there is a possibility for up to 6 months. Loan amount can reach maximum 30 000 – 50 000 RUB depending on the loan program. The results of funds are microfinance institutions (MFIs). To get money you can also servicing Bank with whom a contract for services. To get the best decision, you must do the following:

  1. Define the necessary loan amount – from 5 000 to 50 000 rubles. Calculate the cost of loan repayment for 6 months. Note that interest is calculated every day of the loan. You should pay attention on the interest rate and select the lowest, the calculation is made by day.
  2. Make a compilation of the existing programs of the IFIs to search the optimum variant of crediting.
  3. Submit an application it is desirable at once in some credit organizations, it will increase the guarantee to receive funds many times. Complete the provided form on the website, attach scanned documents, you often need only the identity card of the citizen of Russia registration on RF territory.


Requirements for borrowers

Microfinance organizations and banks impose the following conditions for issuance of loans for a short time when conducting a transaction online,:

  • the achievement of the applicant 18 years of age;
  • a good credit history – no overdue and the accrued debt on previously issued loans;
  • the status of a resident of Russia, citizenship of the country;
  • permanent employment, a stable income sufficient for the disbursement of funds in the loan account;
  • registration in the region of application.

To obtain a loan online do not require proof of employment or presence of said income is not requested help 2-NDFL or in the form of organization of the borrower. It is sufficient to submit personal information and apply.

Microfinance institutions have a high percentage of approval of applications. In some companies, it reaches 60 to 90%.


How to fill out a application for a loan of up to 6 months

Online application (offer!) it is possible to fill only on our site. As an example, here is an example of completing the application a loan of 30,000 rubles on a card for a period of 6 months.

  1. Open the application form. Enter the data:
  • the region of registration of the applicant;
  • country of citizenship;
  • the amount to get;
  • the payment period from six months;
  • credit history – options to choose from;
  • property for security.
  • the region of employment or entrepreneurship;

  • the authority is a member, employee, pensioner, student, employee, business, etc.;
  • proof of income – no help 2-pit, etc.;
  • date of birth;
  • gender – female or male;
  • registration by place of residence – permanent or temporary;
  • the level of education – secondary, higher, vocational etc.


After filling the application need to agree to the transfer of sensitive information, making the appropriate note.


  1. Then filled in personal information about the borrower:
  • full name;
  • e-mail address;
  • mobile and landline (work, home) numbers.

  1. For the specified mobile number code will be sent confirmation of the transaction that you specify in a field on the website.


, given the data presented will be offered options where you can take a loan of 30 000 for 6 months:


  1. By clicking on the appropriate link opens the official website of the microfinance organization.


For getting the money you need to register on the website or fill out the form. Login to your personal Cabinet as possible by email and through social networks. Be sure to specify the mobile phone number to receive code to confirm receipt of the loan and carrying out other financial transactions.


Approval will come within 4 moments. Funds will be credited to the card or other payment details within 5-10 minutes.

All transfers of funds and interest can be tracked online in your account on the official website of the microfinance institution.


Where funds have been transferred

an Urgent loan to 30 000 roubles for 6 months or more the amount transferred to payment account owned by the applicant, the flow of funds is carried out:

  • for the map of the international format Visa or MasterCard;
  • with electronic purse in system WebMoney, Yandex-Money, Kiwi;
  • through the services of getting cash Leader or gold card;
  • to the account in the Bank.

In particular, MFIs are not always available all of the withdrawal methods. If one of the means of payment you must contact the organization that is willing to enroll the funds on these details. Has a value and belonging to the Bank card a specific subject of Russia as a translation of "plastic" was in another region may not be allowed by the system. Therefore, some organizations offer separate service loan for 6 months on a map for all regions. For such products characteristic fixed rate per day.


the Loans for 6 months online on the map: the advantages of

Among the advantages of obtaining funds in microfinance organizations in the period of payment 6 months can be distinguished:

  • prompt consideration of the application – no more than 10 minutes;
  • the decision by some companies without an analysis of the borrower and with bad credit history when the banks refuse to issue credit;
  • the minimum package of documents – to apply just enough passport data;
  • a variety of offers on loans for different amounts and maturities, many programs of different MFIs;
  • the ability to a loan of 50 000 for 6 months no proof of income, reference 2-personal income tax and employment records, the certified personnel Department of the employer;
  • a significant time savings on the collection of documents and the consideration of the application, monetary aid in emergency cases;
  • instant transfer to the card or other payment details online without going to the branch microfinance institution, the lack of need for a personal appearance, signing of the contract through the Internet in the form of a public offer;
  • opening personal account online to check the quality of the loan, accrued interest and fines for delay of execution of liabilities;
  • no requirements for a certain level of wages for funds, working experience as the aggregate and at the last place of work;
  • the loans in the absence of formal employment, self-employed, pensioners until reaching the 80 years of age;
  • discounts and raising the loan limit for customers in good faith making money on account of repayment of debt;
  • rate depends on such factors as the number of roubles, term of return of means.

The disadvantages of lending to MFIs include:

  • a high percentage earned for any number of days of delay;
  • large fines for delay of execution of obligations;
  • the lack of documentary evidence of financial transactions;
  • finding the MFI office in another region, which complicates the procedure of reconciliation of payments and resolve disputes if they arise;
  • the absence of certificates of employment and amount of earnings kompensiruet high interest rate.


the Design of a Bank loan against a loan

Получить средства проще заемщикам, которые имеют оформленные договоры с банковскими организациями на ведение счетов, выпуск дебетовой или кредитной карты, получающим в них зарплату. Information о том, что можно получить a loan for 6 months to a map, usually published in a private office online section of the Bank for the loan comes in the form of SMS notifications, as a special offer for clients of the organization with the approval of a certain amount to qualify.

There are the following ways of getting money from the Bank with repayment period from 6 months to several years:

  • transfer to credit card, which is open at the client, when you renew limit or increase its size to the amount of 30 000 – 50 000 RUB;
  • cash loan cash getting in Bank;
  • to issue a plastic card with a limit of funds in the account available for spending.

Usually, in order to formalize such relationships with the Bank are not taken into account the borrower's age and the presence of formal labor relations. Certificates of employment and income is also not necessary, as registration of a separate contract to receive funds in the loan account. Preference is given to clients who have accumulated funds to cards or accounts on account of wages or pension contributions. To obtain credit for them much easier.

to Make the loan possible by submitting an application online via the the link. Loans are issued based on previously approved decisions in branches of credit institutions. The benefit of this service is the low interest rate relative to the established MFIs and the absence of dependence of lending on the term of the loan.

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