is it Possible to take the credit only on the passport?

The development of technology has led to the fact that loan today is possible only on the passport. Fraudsters use schemes that allow cancellation without the consent of the holder of the ID card. How to prevent the receipt of funds by hackers and to protect your personal data, can enter their information on various sites on the Internet, in detail in this material.



At the Internet, many forums, which discusses the different ways of obtaining funds from the public through the Internet. Among them, the registration of bonds in the following ways:

  • how to get a loan copies of passport data or scan;
  • the sale of documents from the database;
  • making a loan on an electronic purse;
  • the results of SIM-cards for mobile phones in the provision of passport scan;
  • withdrawal of funds from credit cards issued on the passport data of third parties.

the Investigation of personal data is conducted through an online database, social networks, particularly Vkontakte, since most of the documents available to users in open access.


What data you need the crooks to obtain credit illegally:

  • number and series of passport scanned copy;
  • INN, SNILS, driving license and other second documents;
  • place of work, position;
  • marital status
  • credit history – it is important that it was positive, were not allowed the delay earlier, otherwise such person is not interesting, because the subsequent denial of the loan;
  • the phone's SIM card issued the passport;
  • credit card number for withdrawals or payments.

The loan processing is usually carried out in personal presence in the Bank. The only exceptions are the cases when loan available online in the microfinance organizations. Paste fake pictures, not everyone agrees the crooks to appear in a credit institution personally. The risk of finding them and bringing to criminal liability in this case is greatly increased.


the Loans through MFIs

Informed by the results of online media was involved in organizations such as MFIs, according to the passport data, without providing Bank card data. Now they demand a nominal payment document, but the receipt of its scams quite difficult because of the need again personal presence at the Bank. Ways of verification using electronic purses KIWI, WebMoney, or Yandex.Money also gone from the practice. Getting a loan with the transfer of funds to such purses might be difficult. Other methods of obtaining funds are permitted, subject to repayment of the loan for the first time, and of little interest to fraudsters.


How to protect your personal data

As such, the receipt of passport data are out of date today, data are collected now only if cash funds in foreign accounts in the names of third parties. However, despite this should take all measures to save passport data. It is recommended:

  • not to publish in social networks mobile number, scans of passports and other official papers;
  • do not leave data on third-party sites, including when filling in online applications for loans;
  • to check the credit history to identify new loans, apply online in NCB;
  • not to store information and documents in the cloud, online, on PC and phone;
  • to write to sent scanned documents watermarks;
  • do not send a photo with your passport to unknown organizations;
  • periodically change passwords to social networks and of electronic mailboxes;
  • closely monitor the actions of employees when opening a Bank card, stamped and clearance copies of documents, processing of loans.


To prevent the risk of the loan documents according to the personal data they need to assure his own signature – "true Copy for a loan or obtain a SIM card". If the document will not be accepted, you can invite the Director of the institution to explain in his presence the rights of the borrower. This will avoid the situation of identity theft. On the fraud should immediately contact the Bank issuing the loan, and the police.


What to do if the Bank calls

When a loan in the name of the passport holder still received calls the Bank or the bailiff, you must determine the amount of debt and the history of its origin. This can be done in the telephone or in person by contacting a credit institution.

If the Bank continues to demand payment, despite assurances by the debtor that he did not take funds from the Bank, you need to contact a security service and to describe in detail the situation. In case of loss of passport should be immediately contacted the police. The Bank must request the documents for a loan to open a case of fraud. need to request a document confirming the fact of receipt of funds, signed. They are required for court proceedings in the criminal case.

Claims against the Bank only after the financial audit. Depending on the availability of documents is possible as a cancellation of debt and filing of statements on behalf of credit institutions statements to the Bank, or proceeding with a person who has signed the loan.

To pay someone else's debt, issued on the third parties is not necessary. Should immediately make a request to the Bank and submit an application to the court. It is important to take into account that the interest on the debt is constantly growing, therefore it is not recommended to delay the trial.

In case it is necessary to request a handwriting analysis to confirm the authenticity of the signature in court by filing a petition. This will help to prove the innocence of the loan.

In practice, also often operates such a scheme as the clearance of goods on credit to a figurehead with a copy or the original lost passport. In this case, the buyer does not receive a car or household appliances in possession, as specified in the contract, and cash, which hides in an unknown direction.

The only method of obtaining credit for another person your passport is plywood photos on the passport.

In other cases, there is collusion between a Bank employee with fraud. To this end introduced this method of confirmation of identity as photographing the client at the stage of filling the application for the loan.


Why write a letter to the Bank

In case of detection of credit issued to a third party, you should immediately write a statement in writing and submit to the Secretariat, an employee of the institution or to the security service with the reassurance of the incoming number of the organization. The Bank will verify the information and most likely finds out that the funds were received indicating the phone number and address that has never belonged to the borrower.

After you have received the decision of the court on innocence of the individual to take out a loan, you should pass a copy to the credit Bureau, if you make a delay in payments. This will help eliminate the situation on the declining reputation of the borrower and the possibility of obtaining loans in the future.