How to get credit card with bad credit history

You need to get a loan for a borrower with bad credit history? We consider an exhaustive list of organizations issuing credit cards to borrowers with damaged KEY.

Where to apply for with bad KI

So, if you think that a bad KEY, you credit card will not give, wrong. The card issue is difficult, but with a little effort, it is realistic! Leading banks of the country (such as Sberbank, VTB24) are unlikely to consider you as a borrower. Their client base includes millions of people, and your appeal will likely be rejected.

But your chances will greatly increase if you request a loan from financial institutions, which only recently opened and is actively fighting for a place under the sun.

In addition, much depends on what the violations were in the past, that is, as the worst offender you are. Each Bank determines for itself how many days overdue is considered serious breach of contract. All of this data lenders can get the Credit Bureau.

To increase your chances of getting approved, submit applications to several financial institutions. But don't overdo it — too many failures from a number of organizations even worse impact on your credit history. Even if you do refuse applications have been approved.

You can contact the loan broker, who will tell you which agencies to approach. Read more about the activities of such professionals here. If a supervisor demands from you an advance payment for services or offers to remove KEY, it is a fraud. On whether to remove its financial report, read in this article.

If you get paid in one of the banks of the Russian Federation, it is best to first contact him. The lender can be sure that if anything it takes the money from your payroll account. In addition, for such applications do not need to provide proof of income.

Also there are individuals that offer assistance in obtaining a loan. But they can both help and deceive. Be careful! If you have found a reliable lender, then be prepared that payment for his services can reach 50% of the amount of the loan.


In which banks apply

We recommend that you contact the following organizations, who are most loyal to their clients, and not push it to excessive demands. So banks giving loan with any credit history:

The most loyal banks operating on the territory of the Russian Federation, are the following:

  • "the Renaissance Bank" — allows you to issue credit cards to customers with poor credit histories (hereinafter — CT), while it significantly increases the interest rate. The credit limit is limited to 300 thousand rubles, the Application shall be considered not more than 2 days. After its approval in a Bank branch will have to bring proof of your income.
  • "Russian Standard" please the clients with a negative credit history card with a limit up to 299 thousand rubles, the Interest rate of the product is not large. It is 37,9%. If you want to save money, you to repay the debt must be within 55 days. Then to pay interest is not necessary.
  • "Tinkoff Bank" sets interest rates solely on an individual basis, but it will not be less than 42% per year. The advantage of this organization is the availability of the grace period, the opportunity to replenish the card account and send credit by mail directly to the client's home.

It should be noted that the processing of a loan with bad KI — pleasure not from cheap. These programs provided a higher percentage, and the amount is quite small.

You should also mention that if you need money in small size, you can also try to use the microloans, but there the percentage will be much higher.

popular Among MFIs to borrowers with bad KI, the following:

  • E-cabbage
  • Wives
  • Platiza
  • Moneyman
  • Migkredit
  • Turbosim
  • Honestly


Please note that the decision on issuing credit cards to borrowers with bad credit history is taken individually in each case.

We suggest you before applying for a loan to correct its financial report, to qualify for the loan with the standard conditions. Ways to do this discussed here.


How to fix its reputation in the eyes of a new creditor

There are several ways:

  • To confirm that your delay was due to objective reasons. For example, you can provide a certificate from the hospital to the lender.
  • To prove the solvency. For this you can use any documents confirming the income. The Bank will be able to see all of your financial problems in the past.
  • If your credit history is damaged through the fault of a Bank employee who sent the incorrect information, you can make changes by contacting the credit Bureau and providing documentation proving your case. Read more about fixing errors in KEY read at this link.

Another option, which offers Sovcombank — fix credit report through a special rehabilitation program called "Credit doctor". However, not all borrowers are satisfied with the time allocated for correction CI in this way.


Where to apply for a credit card online with bad credit history

The vast majority of banks, checks the credit history of the potential client. However, some organizations are quite loyal to those who are not able to fully meet its financial obligations in the past. These banks offer loan products with high interest rate. For that they are ready to close eyes to your faults.

The majority of customers is also beneficial. If you are determined to fix your credit history, then obtaining a credit card and strict implementation of their obligations will help you with this.


Credit card with bad credit history — online application

So, to get a credit card with poor history difficult, but possible. To avoid negative emotions from the constant failures, you can apply on the website of the credit broker. After the treatment, the specialist will send your request to multiple banks. You will only have to expect calls from those organizations that have endorsed your candidacy.

to Make an online application just

  1. go to the credit portal;
  2. in the proposed form fill in personal data;
  3. press the "Send"button.


Credit card with a bad history: tips

credit card with a bad history is a difficult task. To succeed in this business, listen to advice of professionals:

  1. Before you panic about a bad credit history, contact the appropriate Bureau. There you will reveal the reason of refusal of loans.
  2. If you get a salary, a pension on the card, apply first to the Bank who issued it. The organization sees continuous income to your account, so it will be more loyal.
  3. If you were denied a major Bank, contact small. They are smaller, and the competition is huge.

Secret documents

If you decide to apply for a credit card with bad credit history to take out a loan or enter into other debt relationship with the Bank, you need to be very careful in the selection of documents to be submitted to the financial institution. Quite often there are situations when a person who has no credit history were refused in the Bank, even getting a simple card. And the reason is very simple. Presenting only a passport, it is difficult to prove the solvency. Of course, the majority of these lending institutions advertising shows that ID will be enough to obtain the loan, however, if you must have flawless credit history to inspire confidence in the Bank.

In the case when your ranking is quite weak, you should care to provide additional documentation. Credit card with bad credit history can be obtained under the condition of providing proof of employment. If it contains information about what the experience of your activities at one workplace for more than two years, the chances of her getting a noticeable increase. Income statement is another document that will only be useful. The provision of Bank statements on loans taken previously and certificate about their successful closure is also important of the paper.

In the presence or absence of the specified documents it is possible to talk about the impact not only on the fact whether you will be issued a credit card, but and on what credit terms you will cooperate with the Bank. For example, if a customer came to the map with only a passport, it is, of course, will give, however, the percentage in this case will reach 45%. And if you get a credit card with bad credit history a man came, providing another certificate of employment and the amount of his fees, he may reduce the interest rate to 36-38% per annum. It turns out that the additional documents do not interfere. And therefore, you should spend time on their collection.


Which has a positive effect on the Bank's decision:

Existence of positive credit history, Some banks may refuse to provide credit cards to individuals with a bad reputation, but quite new to this business – those who have not yet had the experience of receiving loans.
Formal employmentin addition, the Bank may pay attention to an employer of a potential borrower: reliable, does it?
DepositThe client has the ownership of certain property (cars, apartments, etc.) that could be given in pledge.
DepositYou to instantly get approval to receive credit cards allow existing Bank contribution. Moreover, currency funds value will not have.
"Good" borrower's ageMost loved for the Bank considered faces 25 to 45 years of age for males and from 22 to 50 years for women. Usually to credit card customers that do not fit into this interval is somewhat more complicated; BUT it is possible!
marital status of the borrowerPeople who are married, seem to be for the Bank employees more responsible. Also, to safely affect the Bank's decision will allow the presence of 1-2 children. But for large families, most likely, the application will not be approved. This is due to their now large monthly expenses.

In addition to these items, increase the chance of issuing credit cards will allow and respect the following guidelines:

  • Is to make contribution to the organization where it is expected in the future to get credit. No risks the client does not experience: after all, to withdraw funds from the account at any time. But for the Bank this will probably be the deciding aspect as I do not consent "his people"?
  • Before you apply to get a credit card with bad credit history and need to take care about the closure of previously obtained loans. If you repay them in full is not obtained, will not prevent at least partial payment. But it is important to remember, have a positive impact on the credit history can only be the timely performance of the obligations under the credit agreement.
  • Do not interfere to produce in advance and review all banks and read reviews about them. Most likely, there are banks which are ready to apply for a credit card with bad credit history.
  • The banks will always request their potential customers only the data that you are able to check. It is therefore very important to provide only accurate information.
  • Don't hurt sometimes to find a couple of guarantors. Perhaps, under such circumstances, the Bank will be more loyal to their borrowers.
  • Credit history can be a bit correct. You need to take several small loans and pay them on time. Thus, the status of the KEY a bit.
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Ilya Adamov
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