credit scoring – to check the information about the borrower by the Bank

In the conditions of tough competition, a slowdown in the decision by the Bank constitute a waiver of services of crediting. In this regard, approval for the potential customers must be issued promptly. In practice, it takes only a few minutes. What information checking banks and on what bases, as determined by the creditworthiness of the borrower, in detail in this material.


3 Basis check

Credit scoring provides a range of services to verify information about the borrower in special databases. They are created for credit checks with the introduction of personal data. The program is permanently active and working around the clock to verify information about applicants from various regions of Russia. The interaction of credit Manager with the scoring system often occurs through the Bank's website. Based on the information instantly issued the result after preliminary check. In the case of a positive decision candidates are requested to apply with required documents to obtain the final result directly to the Bank.

of the rent, which ranges from 5 to 10 thousand rubles, the amount depends on the region; займы онлайн 2 table of Contents check

the face control the appearance of the borrower, his manner of speaking – with slurred speech and unkempt clothing the likelihood of failure increases significantly;


1 What is scoring

additional income if available;

  • attract co-borrowers and guarantors;
  • if no previous convictions, in particular for economic Affairs or marked being under investigation. other payments – alimony, Internet, credit card payments and judicial decisions, on the telephone and the Internet.;
  • income, its size, source, duration of the employment relationship;
  • To the co-borrower also applies the verification procedure under the system of scoring. His identity must meet the requirements of:
  • for example, the Bank will issue a waiver in connection with the instability of the financial situation and the employment obligations of the borrower

Improving database scoring occurs due to the collection of information about past loans or history of inquiry in Bureau of credit stories of the borrower. Also the system works on the basis of the analysis of similar requests from other applicants for identical queries.


approve the loan;

 placing calls to staff and head of the company-employer;

  • Basics check
  • a lack of debt under other loan agreements;
  • the Contents of test
  • the address of permanent residence and actual residence;
  • official employment;
  • experience in the particular position;
  • to reduce the amount of the loan;

to clarify the information from the credit history;

  • loans online
  • the purpose of receipt of funds.
  • refuse to grant funds;
  • in your passport.
  • The application will be considered subject to:


The scoring is based on a simplified system for 20-30 minutes. The same program works with Express crediting, for example, in the online mode. A mortgage is not less than one week, necessarily, all the original documents.


Increase in amount is due to the:

The scoring system is individual in every Bank refers a potential borrower. However, all programs are characterized by the following calculations. The amount of income is determined after all mandatory contributions, in particular:

  • receive earnings above the average for the region;
  • Requests identifitseerida point system. In its basis lays:
  • 5 Why not apply to several banks
  • check the last places of employment, the frequency of their shifts, when changing information on the work every 3 months,


to request additional testing.

  • ask income on form 2-NDFL for the purpose of receiving information about the profit, its origin and regularity.
  • 4 As determined by the creditworthiness of the
  • In this system are also microfinance institutions that give out

payments for dependents not less than 7500 RUB. for each;

  • performing field inspection, if such is required to confirm the financial position of the borrowers and in the case of the issuance of a large loan amount;
  • the purpose of credit – be sure to check the arguments, which will be made of funds in the absence of a clear explanation, even for the loans without specifying the purpose of use, the probability of issuing the loan is greatly reduced; {: System}allows to check automatically, excluding cases of fraud and the withdrawal of insolvent persons from the staff of the credit institution.
  • credit history – some borrowers have earned a negative reputation due to the numerous delays and arrears, so the results means them from failing. Take into account the availability of debt across multiple loans, previously processed, all payments for obligations to fold and takes into consideration the total income.


the guarantors Income can also affect an increase in the size of the loan. Guarantors enter into a relationship and are liable for debts only after the issuance and entry into force of the judicial act. These may include the spouse.

additional profit, for example, income from rental property to rent, Deposit or social benefits;

  • set the rate increase;
  • After calculating the scores the decision:
  • Necessarily laid in such a system, criteria:
  • the presence in the ownership of apartments, cars and other valuable property.


income tax at the rate of 13% of all payments;

Scoring will bring a negative result while applying to several banks. This is due to the fact that the system will reflect the flow of questionnaires from the number of credit institutions. Mean such acts or fraud in obtaining loans in several credit institutions or the instability and uncertainty of the borrower in his financial position. In any case, refusal to follow.

Thus, to apply you can either not more than 2-3 credit institutions simultaneously or sequentially in the provision of the failures of other organizations. This rule does not apply to mortgages as the possibility of registration of such credit in several banks are excluded.