To take the urgent loan on the card — a great way to quickly resolve a financial issue

The loans is an important part of our lives, however, the right to use them, very few people can. We will help You to understand the nuances and will help the loan on the most favorable terms. After all the knowledge of how to behave with a credit counselor to talk, and gives much more chances to get a loan, mortgage or consumer credit.

It so happens that money is needed right now, urgently. Where can I get a loan? We will tell and show you how to save on overpayments, it is no secret that an urgent loan in microfinance institutions — it is a loan at a higher percentage than to take a Bank consumer credit.

, Our experts have selected the best credit offers on the market emergency loans, and can offer them to you as a trusted and affordable financial tools:

Our website is a partner of the above mentioned companies. What it gives You? If you go to their website through our link — You will receive an additional interest rate reduction or loan payment.

If the purchase involves a large sum of cash, I can recommend the following organizations:


The areas in which we are competent

Banks and MFIs

what's the difference between a Bank and microfinance institution? MFI — give money fast, requesting minimum documents banks — carefully check the entire package of required certificates and additional documents, which takes up to a week or two. However, the fee for quick issuance of money in MFIs, it becomes a really big percentage for the use of money, relative to the interest on the Bank loan.

Urgent microloans

The approximate amount of microcrediting of the population to 60-80 thousand rubles for the terms of up to 1-2 months. Banks such sums are not profitable to give 15-18 per cent per annum, therefore, microloans — is a field of activity of the MFI. Our experts will tell how and where it is cheaper not only to take, but beneficial to repay such payments. For example, few people know that in some offices an MFI manual repayment for borrowers provide information about the bonuses at maturity of the loan. Only their carefully hidden..

Ads about private loans

To borrow from a neighbor and borrow, you know it's not the same. We want to make potential lenders and borrowers on the platform, providing consulting and legal assistance, documentation and other services. The loan from the private person can be significantly cheaper than a loan at any Bank or MFIs. And this is a must know to make the right decision.


Why created site

We want to help potential borrowers do not fall into the bondage of the credit maelstrom. Even those who already took the credits, knows not by hearsay about the hidden interest, penalties, hidden fees for the insurance and other details, will still be able to get knowledge from the articles which are written by our experts.



All articles are written by credit specialists of the leading Russian banks such as Sberbank of Russia, Postbank, alpha Bank, Raiffeisen and some foreign. We have been working a lot with credit programs of various banks. Our experience and knowledge will help You make the right decision: to take or not a loan early to get it back or reduce the payment. We will reveal the secret of reducing interest rates before the approval of loan application by the Bank, and in the case when you have already begun to repay your loan.

We advise not only individuals but also representatives from business, IP, and LLC. Our team has specialist on the optimization of the credit load operating in the b2b segment with large and very large amounts. We help honest, available, free of charge.

In the comments to each article You can ask your questions and get satisfactory answers. In addition,we are conducting paid consultations, you can contact the Manager and leave your question, we'll call you back to discuss in detail and solve your problem quickly and competently.